The Winstead aircraft financing practice is the most recent expansion of Winstead’s established multi-disciplinary Airlines Team. This expansion provides our airline clients with long-term legal and commercial support utilizing a unique combination of legal, commercial and technical experience at efficient rates.

We believe there is a gap in the specialized aircraft financing market for experienced and cost-effective legal services that address the needs of airlines, and we have a unique team to close it. With a team of highly experienced legal practitioners and a twenty-year international airline fleet management consultant, we take a different approach to airline legal services.

The synergies achieved by combining an aircraft financing practice with an established airlines team enable Winstead to leverage over 70 years of aircraft transactions experience at cost-effective rates.

Our team counsels airline clients on a broad spectrum of legal, commercial and technical aspects of aircraft financing transactions throughout all stages of the aircraft financing cycle, including the RFP and term sheet process, financings at original delivery, refinancings of vintage aircraft, and during the term of financings, restructurings of financings, and the end of the term of financings.

  • Export Credit Agency Financings
  • Mortgage Financings
  • Sale-Leasebacks and Direct Leases
  • Spare Engine and Spare Parts Financings
  • Lease Renewals and Returns
  • Loan Transfers, Prepayments and Pay-offs at Maturity
  • Lessor Transfers and Lessor Financings of Leased Aircraft
  • In-Court and Out-of-Court Restructurings of Financings

The Winstead Airlines Team platform allows cross-utilization of attorneys who are well-versed in airline-specific transactions, allowing for both lower rates and the development of bench strength, both of which position our team to support our airline clients in a continually evolving aircraft financing market.

  • Aircraft Leasing Transactions
  • Aircraft Mortgage Financings
  • Aircraft Sale-Leasebacks and Lease-Ins
  • Airport Financings and P3
  • ECA Financings
  • Owner Participant and Owner Trustee Transfers
  • Manufacturer Backstop Financings
  • Residual Value & Asset Value Guarantees
  • Specialty Financings (e.g., financings collateralized by spare parts, spare engines, and slots, gates and route authorities)