A member of Winstead’s Airlines Team, David has nearly two decades of experience representing clients in the airline, travel and hospitality industries on a wide variety of real estate-related matters.  With a particular focus on airport facilities, he has represented airlines, facility operators and concessionaires alike in transactions related to facility development, leasing, facilities management and concessions, as well as many others.

During his career, David has assisted his airline clients in addressing numerous challenges facing the industry, and most recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic he has counseled his airline clients through the shifting priorities, changing regulatory requirements, and new and unique types of demand.  Whether it pertains to procurement of cold storage facilities for vaccine transportation or addressing the complications related to drone utilization in and around airport properties, David is able to bring his considerable experience to bear on the challenges facing today’s airlines.

David also routinely contributes to the airline, travel and hospitality industries in the form of speaking engagements and his membership on the Urban Land Institute’s national Travel Experience and Trends Council.  In 2020, he was the moderator of a virtual event at the P3 Airport Summit entitled “Impact of Current Trends on Air Cargo Facility Development and Finance.” The year before, David was a panelist at the P3 Airport Summit in San Diego at a discussion entitled “Creating the 5-Star Experience for Airport Customers.”

As someone with an avid interest in air travel, David is constantly monitoring and analyzing the changing landscape of the airline, travel and hospitality industries, and is looking forward to sharing his views through his upcoming blog posts on the Winstead Airlines Blog.